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Newsletter 2022

Ferryhill And District Angling Club

 Newsletter 2022

 Hi all as we start another year hoping it’s going to be a better one. Firstly some of you may know him but our secretary Owen Watret has unfortunately had to resign from his post due to work commitments. He will still like to be involved with the club whenever possible and time allows so I would like to take this opportunity to thank Owen for all his hard work and wish him all the best in the future. Also committee member kimber Leach has also resigned from his post we would also like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best for the future.

At the AGM a member Edward Spence has joined the committee so I would like to give him a warm welcome. On that note if anyone is interested in joining the committee there is spaces available please contact Neil Marsden for more information.

Sadly due to know fault of the club or any members from the 15th March 2022 the club will no longer have the fishing rights to the Dinsdale Spa stretch of the tees which we are sad to see go. Some of you may have already noticed there a new gate and the road leading to our car park at Croxdale has been tarmac. October 2021 We have put some stock into the Tilery Pond we put around 900 f1,s in so we are looking forward to catching a few of them in the future.The club is looking at getting another pond but they are few and far between we do have one or two to look at but we are in challenging times so we will look at them as soon as we can.

The club has course matches running ever other Sunday from April to October and Wednesday evening matches between May and July, if anyone is interested in fishing these matches everyone is welcome and we do like to see new faces. There is a match list can I please remind people to check the match list before going fishing to be sure the pond is not closed.

On a final note the club would like to thank all members for the continued support and hope times get easier and everyone catches plenty of fish

Many thanks


Neil marsden 07749191194

2021 AGM Date Change

Due to the Ferryhill Catholic Church Hall being used for a local election at short notice on the original date, the AGM will now be held at 8pm prompt on Thursday 16th December 2021. Please make sure you have your club membership card with you for entry - No exceptions!

2022 FDAC Memberships Now Available

2022 FDAC Memberships Now Available via the online form or by printing out a form from the website. See the  FDAC - Join Us page

Club Meetings and 2021 AGM Motions

Members to note that there will be a meeting next month 14th October so anyone who wishes to make a proposal must do so in readiness for the AGM in December 9th

FDAC Monthly Meetings 2021

FDAC Monthly meetings will recommence on the second Thursday in September 2021.

 Bi-Monthly club meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at the All Saints Catholic Club, Dean Road, Ferryhill, DL17 8ET. Starting at 8pm Prompt.

09/01/2021 Online FDAC Memberships

It seems some people have had issues renewing the club membership online with the membership form not proceeding to the Pay Pal page when submitted or the form has remained on the green application form page.

The system is regularly tested by the web admin and is in working order. If you are not forwarded to the Pay Pal page it is probably something to do with the security settings on your device, especially if using Apple devices.

If the form remains on the application form page please check you have filled the form in correctly, there will be errors shown in red. Correct these and then resubmit. 

09/01/2021 National Lockdown Club Waters

After a U turn from the Government Club waters are still open for fishing, but subject to social distancing rules etc.

FDAC Waters Reopening Wednesday 13th May

At long last some good news. From Wednesday 13th May 2020 all FDAC waters will reopen. Please follow the below instructions which be on signs at our Ponds. Only ponds will have disinfectant to clean padlocks on the gates.


Ferryhill and District Angling Club


 This pond will open from Wednesday 13th


Please follow all government guide lines


On social distancing rules


1: keep at least 2m away from any other person


                                                      2: no walking around pond choose a peg and


                                                             Stay on it for the duration of your stay


                                                      3:No visitors members only


                                                      4: Only 1 person per peg unless from the same household


           5: If you have any of the symptoms please stay at home


Please note there is disinfectant at the gate to spray gate and lock


Thank you for your cooperation


Any more information or questions please contact


Neil Marsden on 07749191194



Dear Members 


I have received a letter from the Management Team who look after the business interests of Whitworth Hall Hotel and Deer Park. They have given notice to terminate FDAC lease on Shafto's Pond and stipulated that it is not anything that our Club has done or our Members, but that they are looking to the future of their business and have other plans in the pipeline. This means that our Members can no longer fish the pond nor can tickets be purchased from any outlet associated with FDAC. The Whitworth management team are aware that the fish in the pond belong to FDAC and that at a suitable date when this current Covid-19 crisis is over we can have the pond netted and the fish taken elsewhere. The Club Committee will be looking at alternative venues to lease or perhaps purchase and as soon as possible you our Members will be notified. In the meantime please do not go fishing to Shafto's or anywhere else until it is safe to do so. The quicker people heed the advice given by the Government the quicker our lives will return to what we are used to. In the meantime I want you to remain safe and continue to give your support to all the Keyworkers who are working tirelessly to keep the country running and the British public safe.


 Kind regards


 Owen Watret (FDAC Secretary)

Tilery Pond Stocking March 2020

At the beginning of March 2020 there was 300lb of carp size between 1/2lb to 1lb but average was about 3/4lb stocked into the Tilery Pond.






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