Ferryhill And District Angling Club

FDAC Match Fishing To Resume - 28/5/20

FDAC match fishing will now resume as per match listings on the website. The Wednesday night series will start Wednesday 3rd June

FDAC Waters Reopening Wednesday 13th May

At long last some good news. From Wednesday 13th May 2020 all FDAC waters will reopen. Please follow the below instructions which be on signs at our Ponds. Only ponds will have disinfectant to clean padlocks on the gates.


Ferryhill and District Angling Club


 This pond will open from Wednesday 13th


Please follow all government guide lines


On social distancing rules


1: keep at least 2m away from any other person


                                                      2: no walking around pond choose a peg and


                                                             Stay on it for the duration of your stay


                                                      3:No visitors members only


                                                      4: Only 1 person per peg unless from the same household


           5: If you have any of the symptoms please stay at home


Please note there is disinfectant at the gate to spray gate and lock


Thank you for your cooperation


Any more information or questions please contact


Neil Marsden on 07749191194



Dear Members 


I have received a letter from the Management Team who look after the business interests of Whitworth Hall Hotel and Deer Park. They have given notice to terminate FDAC lease on Shafto's Pond and stipulated that it is not anything that our Club has done or our Members, but that they are looking to the future of their business and have other plans in the pipeline. This means that our Members can no longer fish the pond nor can tickets be purchased from any outlet associated with FDAC. The Whitworth management team are aware that the fish in the pond belong to FDAC and that at a suitable date when this current Covid-19 crisis is over we can have the pond netted and the fish taken elsewhere. The Club Committee will be looking at alternative venues to lease or perhaps purchase and as soon as possible you our Members will be notified. In the meantime please do not go fishing to Shafto's or anywhere else until it is safe to do so. The quicker people heed the advice given by the Government the quicker our lives will return to what we are used to. In the meantime I want you to remain safe and continue to give your support to all the Keyworkers who are working tirelessly to keep the country running and the British public safe.


 Kind regards


 Owen Watret (FDAC Secretary)

Closure of Fishing Ponds & Cancellation of Meetings - 28/03/20

Please note due to Covid19 and restrictions placed on non essential travel all FDAC ponds are closed for fishing until further notice.

Also all club meetings are cancelled until further notice. 

Tilery Pond Stocking March 2020

At the beginning of March 2020 there was 300lb of carp size between 1/2lb to 1lb but average was about 3/4lb stocked into the Tilery Pond.






2019 AGM

At the 2019 AGM the following were adopted by FDAC:

1. No increase to fees 20/21 season, however 21/22 there will be a £2 increase and every year afterwards. (Seniors only)

2. No increases proposed at all to Juniors.

3. Any infringement to Club Rules will result in an automatic life ban from all Club Waters.

It was also proposed and passed by those present that the current Vice President of the club Peter Collins becomes the President of the club.

FDAC Secretary’s Newsletter

Christmas day passed me by in a wink of an eye due to work, however I did make up for it on Boxing Day. Plans are I’m sure in place for your New Year celebrations and likewise your New Year resolutions. For me I intend to set aside an evening a week to tie some flies to test on the rivers and reservoirs. Perhaps it is a good time for checking your gear, fix the broken or get rid, replace new lines, waterproof waders and jackets and stock up on all the bits and pieces needed. Anyone with gear that can be used again but no longer needed by yourself why not donate it to the Club for use by novice anglers or for selling on. Perhaps you could think of a worthy Charity!

Your Club’s AGM was held later in the month of December due to the polling taking place on the same evening but there were a few who attended and voted in the proposals put forward in October’s meeting with a few alterations made on the night. The main proposal now in place was the no increase to fees this coming season but a £2 increase will come into effect 21 season followed by a further £2 increase the year after and so forth. This will be monitored by the Committee and stopped when there is no need for any further increases. No increases will be made to Junior Members. In addition, with immediate effect any Day Ticket holder who infringes any Club rule will be banned from life from all Club Waters. This also includes Members who take it upon themselves to cut down trees. This must cease immediately! The Club has a process for dealing with any problems and although it takes time it will take the necessary action to resolve any issues raised.

I would like to thank the Club Committee and Trustees for all their support over the years and to welcome the Club’s newly elected President Mr Peter Collins whose dedication to the welfare of FDAC is unquestionable.

If you have any spare time perhaps you could dedicate a few hours to support your Club whether joining as a Committee Member or perhaps assisting with any projects on our rivers or ponds.

All that remains for me is to wish all our Members on behalf of your Club Committee, “Merry Christmas and happy New Year.”

Owen Watret (FDAC Secretary)


Change To Date of FDAC 2019 AGM

To All Members,

Due to the General Election on the 12th December, the Ferryhill Catholic Church Hall which the club uses for meetings and the AGM is being used as a Polling Station on that date.

The 2019 FDAC AGM will now be held on Thursday 19th December 2019 at the same venue and time.

Wild Salmon Disease

Reports of Disease In Wild Salmon

Recently, there have been reports of small numbers of wild salmon caught in Norway with

signs of abdominal haemorrhage and ulceration. There has also been a report of a small

number of salmon showing signs of disease in north-east Scotland. At this stage it is not

known if these cases are connected, or represent anything new or unusual, but we are

monitoring this situation.

We are in contact with colleagues in Scotland, Norway and Ireland to better understand

what is being seen. As far as we are aware, losses have so far been low and a cause has

not yet been established. We are awaiting further information to assess if what is being

reported represents something different to pre-existing, and often naturally occurring

diseases of wild salmonids.

We continue to monitor disease in all of our major salmonid rivers and ask anyone who

encounters fish that are diseased or in distress to contact our incident hotline immediately.

This will allow us to respond promptly to any disease incidents.

We are asking anglers to be vigilant but not to remove or handle any fish in distress.

Photographs of fish showing signs of abnormality can be extremely useful if the situation

allows and it is safe to do so. However, any fish caught by rod and line showing signs of

disease should be returned to the water as quickly as possible.

We also ask that anglers practice good biosecurity and disinfect their waders, boots, nets

and wet fishing equipment after fishing and before moving to other waters. This can be

done by thorough drying in sunlight or with the use of appropriate disinfectants.

To report dead or dying fish, please contact our incident hotline immediately: 0800

80 70 60

For further information please contact the National Fisheries Laboratory; tel: 02084

745244 or 07825 111723, e-mail: fish.health@environment-agency.gov.uk

customer service line 03706 506 506 floodline 03459 88 11 88

incident hotline 0800 80 70 60


********* Please CLICK HERE to view the club response letter to the below, due to

questions received from members. ******

 If you are unable to view this the text of the letter is shown below. 


Dear Members

Many Members will have by now heard by various means that the Club has terminated the lease on the Ferryham stretch of the River Wear (Croxdale Bridge to where the River Browney enters the River Wear.) For several years, the Club has been paying the lease rent, however as the Club’s most expensive layout it had become apparent that in order to continue with the lease a reduction in lease rent was needed. Over the years I have negotiated with the riparian landowner and have had some success in maintaining the lease amount. Unfortunately, with numbers declining in membership the Committee agreed to continue paying was not in the best interest of the Club.

I am aware that this has come as a disappointment to Members, myself included as I have enjoyed fishing this stretch of the River Wear for Grayling, Brown Trout and Seatrout. The reason notice has been given later rather than sooner was that I offered the riparian landowner the opportunity to come back with a viable and acceptable solution and was prepared to wait until a date of no return, but alas nothing has come from this. All signage on this stretch of the River Wear has been removed and as of the end of April no Members from FDAC can fish this area.

These are changing times not only for our Club but for Clubs up and down the country. Many Clubs are facing the same issues that our Club is dealing with and trying to meet the expectations of Members as well as securing the future of our Club is no mean feat and I would welcome input from all Members and support shown at the Meetings held every second Thursday on alternative months.


Owen Watret (Secretary FDAC)




Fishery: Ferryham (Viaduct) approx. 250m

              Ferryham (River Wear & River Browney) approx. 3200m




2019 Senior Match Dates

Sunday Match Series

April 7th - Moulton Lane

April 21st - The Oaks - Cedar (Pegs 1-20)

May 5th - The Tilery

May 19th - The Oaks - Maple (Pegs 1-20)

June 2nd - Tees Valley Lake (12 max)

 June 16th - The Oaks - Cedar (Pegs 1-20)

 June 30th - Moulton Lane - Draw 11am

July 14th - The Oaks - Alders (Pegs 1-20)

July 28th - The Tilery - Draw 1pm

August 11th - The Oaks - Maple (Pegs 48-68)

August 25th - Tees Valley Lake (12 max)

September 8th - The Oaks - Alders (Pegs 21-41)

September 22nd - Tilery Draw 11am

October 6th - The Oaks - Cedar (Pegs 60-80)

October 20th - Moulton Lane

Draw times are 9am unless stated otherwise

Anyone wanting to fish away days (Oaks and moulton lane)must book on with match secretary the Friday before the match as there is limited pegs.(pegging fee applies).please note if you book a peg and don’t turn up you will have will  to pay for your peg fee before you can book in future.

I run a points series ,there is £100 to split. You can pay £10 into the series to be payed out at the end of the series. This is( optional)


Ponds will be closed on day of home matches

Wednesday Night Match Series

May 15th The Tilery

May 22nd The Tilery


May 29th Shaftos


June 5th The Tilery


June 12th The Tilery


June 19th Shaftos

June 26th The Tilery

July 3rd The Tilery

July 10th Shaftos

July 17th The Tilery

July 24th The Tilery


£10 (optional) fee for points series to be payed out to the winner of the series

£1.00 golden peg (optional). The series will be run over 10 matches.the 11th match is a prize match for any golden peg money left over.

Ponds will closed from 12pm on above dates


                To book pegs or any questions please contact match secretary

       Neil Marsden on 07749191194

FDAC Secretary's Newsletter

FDAC Secretary’s Newsletter

Well I had hoped to have fished the rivers on many more occasions this season than last, however a change in job as well as family commitments resulted in far less fishing opportunities. Ever the optimist, this coming year will be better. Far fewer seatrout and salmon ran the rivers due to low water but those anglers who persevered through many a blank session were rewarded. The future of migratory fish coming into our rivers from the sea have now obtained some relief with the EA’s net limitation order. (See EA website)

Coarse anglers have had mixed success this season. The Tillery produced quality fish and those fish that were stocked have now settled-in-well and should continue to provide excellent sport. Further stocking will take place this coming season on Shafto’s as long as the predation issue is addressed to ensure our fisheries continue to thrive. The Club have successfully obtained a licence to help deal with the predation problem, however a few minor adjustments are needed.

The Club Committee would like to thank our Trustees for their wisdom and support this year, particularly for standing in as Chairman. Neville Taylor whom many will know as the Club’s Head River Bailiff was voted unanimously as our new Chairman and we wish him well in this post. With membership numbers continuing to decline just like many Club’s throughout the country not just the North East the Club proposed to hold back an increase of £10 on new membership (£80) until the 2020 season. New Members to the Club will no longer be required to find an additional £10 joining fee. There will be no increase for juniors. Special thanks to our Committee and to our Web Master Roy for their enthusiasm and dedication for without them the Club would not exist.

All that remains for me is to wish all our Members on behalf of your Club Committee, “Merry Christmas and happy New Year.”


Owen Watret (FDAC Secretary)


2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM will be held on Thursday 13th December 2018 at the All Saints Catholic Club, Dean Road, Ferryhill, DL17 8ET. Starting at 8pm Prompt. Please make sure that you have your FDAC Membership card with you for entry.

Club Meetings

Bi-Monthly club meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at the All Saints Catholic Club, Dean Road, Ferryhill, DL17 8ET. Starting at 8pm Prompt.

The first meeting of 2018 will be Thursday 8th February 2018 followed by:

April 12th


August 9th

October 11th

December 13th AGM

Second 2017 Tilery Fish Stocking

The Tilery has recently had a second stocking of fish. These were free of charge from the E.A via their facility at Calverton. 2000 Fish were stocked 1000 Roach, 500 Rudd & 500 Bream. Pictures are below.







The Tilery  - Fish Protection Work

After the recent double stocking of the Tilery a work party has installed some fish protection measures. Several ropes are stretched across the pond to deter predator birds such as Cormorants .Please don’t move or cut they are there to help protect the fish and will only be present till April. Any member found tampering, cutting or removing the ropes will be brought before the Committee to explain their actions.




2018 FDAC Memberships Now Open

FDAC Club memberships now open for 2018. Full details are on the JOIN US website page


Fish Stocking 31/10/17

On the 31st October The Tilery has a fish stocking. approx. 800 fish (300 Ide 4-6 inch and 500 F1 carp 4-6 inch) were stocked into the pond.







Club Updates

The bankside vegetation on the Ferryham stretch on the River Wear at Croxdale has now been cut by the landowner.

Anyone caught climbing the fence at Shafto's will be banned from the club and also from being able to buy Day Tickets.


North East (Wear) Fisheries Forum Reminder



Angling Trust North East Fisheries Forum

September 20th 2017

Bowburn Community Centre

Durham Road, Bowburn, DH6 5AT

Tea, Coffee and Biscuits served from 6.40pm - Meeting begins 7.00pm

In Association with The Environment Agency

This meeting is open to all anglers and fishery owners and is free to attend




This meeting is free to attend and open to all. It is aimed at ALL freshwater anglers, Coarse and Game. It is a key opportunity to hear about the work of the Environment Agency and Angling Trust and is a chance to tell us what YOU think our priorities should be. Plus updates from key organisations in your area.





Mark Owen, Angling Trust Head of Freshwater, will talk about Salmon & Sea Trout netting and the need to get involved with the current EA "Managing Salmon Fisheries" consultation. He will also give an update on the AT Save Our Salmon Campaign. There will then be a Q&A session with Mark and Jon Shelley of the Environment Agency will also be in attendance to answer any technical questions about the consultation.


Paul Frear will be giving an Environment Agency Local Fisheries work update


There will also be plenty of time for your questions, ideas and opinions. If there is a specific question you would like to ask at the meeting please or a topic you would like to raise please let us know well in advance by emailing ian.shepherd@anglingtrust.net








It looks like being a fascinating meeting, so if you love angling and live within reach of the venue, make sure you attend.


If there is a specific question you would like to ask at the meeting please let us know well in advance by emailing ian.shepherd@anglingtrust.net


Please feel free to pass this on to angling friends and colleagues by using the link below, or better still, cajole them into coming along with you!


Forward to a friend



Amendment To Club Rule No. 28 - Night Fishing

Club Rule No.28 relating to night fishing on club waters has been amended to read:

28. NIGHT FISHING - Night fishing (Fly Only) allowed on all club waters leased or owned by the club on the River Wear.


Alcohol On Club Waters

Please note the below rule re alcohol on any club water. A day ticket holder has recently been banned from waters after having been found with alcohol at Shafto's.

14. No Dogs (except guide dogs), Guns (of any description), Fires, Radios

(Walkman’s, IPods etc. excepted), Barbecues and Alcoholic drinks on or at the bank side while fishing. No Bivvies, Tents or Camping on any stretch of River.

Committee Vacancies 

The club are still looking for members interested in joining the Committee to fill current vacancies.

Want To Fish For Free?

Join a Friend Scheme


FDAC wishes to offer our Members an incentive whereby we reward anyone who enrols 5 new members to the Club. 


How does this work – If a fully paid up member gets 5 people join the club as new members then the members has their membership refunded for that year. See examples below.


Eg Senior member (£60) gets 5 new (not renew) members to join and then is refunded their £60.


Eg Junior member (£10) gets 5 new (not renew) members to join and is then refunded their £10.



  •  Only current paid up members are eligible  
  •  Your friend’s membership application MUST include your new membership ID number
     when the application is received by the membership secretary.
  •  The application must be for a full season or pay a full season rate, introduction of
     non-fishing members or non-paying membership classes are not eligible.
  •  Only one refund per person per year.

Shafto's Pond

To all members, please remember to take any litter from your fishing back home with you after you have finished. There have been reports of litter being left on the banks and in swims. Any seen discarding litter will be asked by the committee to account for their actions.

Also a reminder to all members to use the gates provided to enter the fishery. Anyone caught climbing over fences will be subject of a ban from the water by Whitworth Hall and the club.

Brockbank & Croxdale Waters

A fence which anglers need to get over for access to Brockbank stretch recently had barbed wire added to its top edge by the landowner. After consultation with the club the barbed wire has been removed and wooden bar installed to make it easier for anglers to climb over.

Anglers to please note the following to not cross through the field at rear of the Honest Lawyer. Access to the river is by the gate at the new roundabout and down beside the A167 to the road bridge and not over the field. Anyone caught crossing the field will be brought in front of the committee to explain their actions.

Anglers to please note the following: FDAC do not have access to the fishing rights between the viaduct and old road bridge at Croxdale on the South bank (sewerage plant side)

FDAC Club Meeting Change Of Date 6/6/17

Due to the General Election the Catholic Hall is not available for the normal meeting on the 8th of June. The meeting date has now been moved to THURSDAY 15th June.

Cutting Down Of Trees 6/6/17

The club has received notification of unauthorised cutting down of trees on private land where we have the fishing rights.

All members to note that NO trees are to be either trimmed or cut by any means unless authorised by the club or landowner. Any member found doing so will be brought before the committee to explain their actions.

Club River Fishing Boundaries

Members are reminded to only fish within the boundaries of our club stretches. There have been reports of members fishing on adjacent stretches to club waters. Any person found to be fishing in this way but claiming to be a member of the club will be disciplined by the club but may also be subject to legal action by the actual owners of the stretch concerned.

2017 E.A. Rod Licence Changes

When you need a licence

You need a rod fishing licence to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel with a rod and line in:

  • England (except the River Tweed)
  • Wales
  • the Border Esk region of Scotland

You must always carry your rod fishing licence when you’re fishing or you could be prosecuted.

You can be fined up to £2,500 for fishing without a rod fishing licence.

Children under 12 don’t need a licence.

Licences for children aged between 12 and 16 are free.

You may also need:

You must follow national and local rules (byelaws) when freshwater fishing with a rod and line in England and Wales.

Types of licence

Trout, coarse fish and eel licence

This lets you fish non-migratory trout and all freshwater fish.

You must use your licence in one of the following ways. You can choose to fish with:

  • 1 rod for non-migratory trout in rivers, streams, drains and canals
  • up to 2 rods for non-migratory trout in reservoirs, lakes and ponds
  • up to 2 rods for freshwater fish

You can also buy a 12-month licence that lets you use 3 rods for freshwater fish.

The place where you fish may have additional rules about how many rods you can use there.

Salmon and sea trout licence

This lets you fish salmon, sea trout, non-migratory trout and all freshwater fish.

You must use your licence in one of 3 ways. You can choose to fish with:

  • 1 rod for salmon, sea trout and non-migratory trout in rivers, streams and canals
  • up to 2 rods for salmon, sea trout and non-migratory trout in reservoirs, lakes and ponds
  • up to 3 rods for freshwater fish

The place where you fish may have additional rules about how many rods you can use there.

Rods that aren’t affected by licence limits

The following rods aren’t affected by licence limits unless they have hooks attached:

  • spod rods (used to propel bait into water)
  • marker rods (used to mark out lines)

To fish Ferryhill And District Angling Club waters you must also have a valid EA Licence as well as your club membership.


Chair Report 2016 AGM


Reflecting on my year as the Chair for FDAC a couple things come to mind. The first is that along with most of fishing clubs in the North East our membership has once again declined, however our decrease does not seem as big as some other clubs which has to be regarded as a positive. I believe the club represents very good value for money whichever type of fishing you pursue be it Game or Coarse. I ask that all members act as advertising for the club to bring in new members. The Join a Friend scheme could actually see members fishing for free if they have introduced new members to the club.

Whilst the decline in membership affects the money coming into the club we have had a stable year with all bills paid as required, however we must not lose sight of our goal to increase membership and provide good fishing for all members in the future.

The second thing that comes to mind is to bring good fishing we also need good fishery management be it through working on work party’s or by working as part of the club management committee.

There are members who complain about the state of some fisheries but are not willing to help out either. I ask all members to donate some time to assisting with work parties to help the club, even if it is just on the fishery you must often fish. You have a right to complain if something is amiss however if you complain you should also be prepared to help fixing the issue by assisting at a work party.

Another way of assisting the club is to be part of the club management committee. During 2016 the committee has constantly run 3 committee members down. This puts extra strain on the remaining members and as such not everything gets down in a timely manner. We have had a volunteer but due to current club rules he was ineligible, this ruling forms a part of a proposal at this AGM which if passed will allow others to step forward if they so wish.

To finish my year as Chair I wish to thank people for their help and assistance to the club over the past year. Firstly to three members who have constantly tendered the Tilery and over the last few years have transformed it. They don’t particularly like their names being up in lights but the Committee and members thank them for their efforts. Secondly to the Committee, Exec Officers and Trustees of the club I personally thank you for your efforts this past year, from day to day running of the club, managing fishing matches to working on work parties on our fisheries.

Ferryhill and District Angling club is in my humble opinion the best club in the North East. Numbers may have waned but the fishing is some of the best fishing available and at a price which cannot be beaten for what is on offer. As I said earlier, please act as advertising for the club to allow others to find out what we have on offer and to help better the club for future members.

Best wishes and tight lines for 2017

Roy Collins

2016 FDAC Chair.


AGM 2016  8th December - 1st December 2016

Just a reminder to members that the 2016 AGM will be held at Ferryhill Catholic Club hall, Dean Rd Ferryhill on the 8th December starting at 8pm. Membership card must be available for inspection and entry to meeting.

Club Update 14/10/16

2017 FDAC Memberships

Memberships for 2017 will once again be available from the 1st November 2016. This is an ideal time to buy somebody a membership for Christmas or somebody wishing to start fishing. 

For 2017 ALL members to fill in a membership form to keep our database accurate and up to date. If your photo is more than 5 years old a new photo will be required.


The club did have restrictions in place at Bellingham during October in the number of persons allowed to fish. At the club meeting on 13th October it was decided to discontinue this restriction on Day Tickets and to allow unlimited tickets to be sold. Whilst some members may not be happy with this decision , the club also has to take notice of the financial benefits from the sale of more Day Tickets on the stretch. An addition to the tickets will be the availability of a junior ticket Day Ticket for the stretch at half the cost of the full ticket but they must be accompanied by an adult when fishing.


The club are still looking for members interested in joining the Committee to fill current vacancies.

The club are also looking for somebody interested in running the 2017 Match series for Juniors.

Club Updates - 22/09/2016

Signal Crayfish

If any member finds any traps in the rivers or ponds for catching eels or Crayfish, please inform the club and also the EA as soon as possible. DO NOT remove the traps, if you are caught in possession without a licence you are committing an offence.


Larger tins have been found at Shafto's, we believe this is due to people either fishing illegally or persons with day tickets. Anyone seen leaving litter should be reported to the committee or bailiffs asap.

Burn Hall Farm Car Park

Members are reminded to lock the gate for our car park at all times.

AGM Proposals 2016

Members are advised that any proposals they wish to have considered at the 2016 AGM must be forwarded to the Secretary and Committee before the end of the October 2016 Monthly meeting. Any proposal must be in writing and include the name, signature of the proposer and their seconder. 

Change to Senior Match Time - Sunday 26th June

The start times for the above senior match at The Tilery on Sunday 26th June has been changed.

Draw now 1pm

Fish 2pm - 7pm

The pond will be closed all day to pleasure anglers.


Committee Vacancies  22/6/16

Are you interested in helping run the club and represent the club membership? There are currently 3 vacancies on the club committee. You must have been a member of the club 2 yrs to act on the committee and have to be proposed  and seconded by other members. Proposals must be in writing (not email) to the club secretary and you must attend meetings.

Weils Disease - 16/02/16

To all Members, 

There has believed to have been a case of Weils disease at a fishery outside of County Durham. As such the Committee wish to inform members of the disease and simple precautions we can all take to guard against it. 

Weil's disease is a form of a bacterial infection also known as Leptospirosis that is carried by animals, most commonly in rats and cattle. It can be caught by humans through contact with rat or cattle urine, most commonly occurring through contaminated fresh water. Although human infection in the UK is minimal it is still worth taking some preventative measures to decrease the possibility of contracting it.

The best prevention is to understand where and how Weil's disease can be caught and taking precautions based on this knowledge. If you know you may come into contact with untreated water such as flood waters, canals, ponds and rivers you can reduce the risk of infection by taking the following precautions:

  • Carry hand wipes and a box of waterproof plasters with your fishing tackle
  • Cover any open wounds such as cuts and scratches with waterproof plasters.
  • Carefully clean any open wounds obtained during time at fresh water.
  • Wash hands before eating food at bank side.


The Club wishes to remind members to check the rivers they fish before wading in the water. The floods seen over the last couple of months may have changed the riverbeds so that what was safe before may now not be safe to wade in. Check as you enter any stretch.

If you find any differences please members know by adding it to our our Facebook page or emailing the Committee.

Game Fishing Match Dates - 16/2/16

Game fishing match dates have been added to the Senior Match Dates page

New Membership And Constitution Books 18/1/16

Sorry for the delay in issuing 2016 Memberships. This has been caused by the club waiting for new Membership and Constitution Books which members can store with their fishing gear.

Rules etc have to be ratified at the AGM in December and the books then go to the printers. Due to Public holidays etc the books don't go to print until January, hence the delay.

The books will last for approx. 3yrs , there are a couple of blank pages at the back of the book and any update for the years in between will be by a self adhesive page that members will receive with their membership and stick to these pages.

Anybody who already has received their 2016 membership will receive their books shortly.

Angling Trust & E.A. Volunteer Bailiff Scheme. 

The following email has been received from Giles Evans the Angling Trusts North East Regional Enforcement Officer. If you wish to take part please download, complete the forms and return them direct to Giles. The links to download the forms are at the bottom of this notice. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY COMPLETED FORMS TO FDAC. THEY MUST GO DIRECT TO GILES.


      Happy new year to you all and secondly, the Volunteer Bailiff Scheme I mentioned has it’s 1st Induction day on the 5th March in Darlington. If anyone is interested, I will need their application forms asap as I have to put a cut off date of the 5th Feb to allow for time to order items and arrange the day

I have attached the forms again, should you or anyone need them. If anyone needs them posted, please get them to e mail me and I will arrange it  

The response has been good and we have over 20 attending to date, but obviously, I am sending the message out that I won’t be able to accept applications after the 5th Feb

Anything further please get in touch   

Kind regards




Giles Evans
Mob: 07495433619
North East Regional Enforcement Manager
Angling Trust

Download VBS Candidate Information Click Here.

Download VBS Application Form Click Here.

Download VBS Pre Cons Form Click Here.

New Rule 15/1/16

37. No Boilies are to be used on any Club Stillwaters unless on a hook or rig and must be 8mm or less in size.

Online Day Tickets Now Available  15/1/16

Do you know anybody who fishes with a Day ticket or who wishes to. FDAC Day Tickets are now available on line.

Click Here for full details.

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