Ferryhill And District Angling Club

Fish For Free!!

Join a Friend Scheme


FDAC wishes to offer our Members an incentive whereby we reward anyone who enrols 5 new members to the Club. 


How does this work – If a fully paid up member gets 5 people join the club as new members then the members has their membership refunded for that year. See examples below.


Eg Senior member (£60) gets 5 new (not renew) members to join and then is refunded their £60.


Eg Junior member (£10) gets 5 new (not renew) members to join and is then refunded their £10.



  •  Only current paid up members are eligible  
  •  Your friend’s membership application MUST include your new membership ID number
     when the application is received by the membership secretary.
  •  The application must be for a full season or pay a full season rate, introduction of
     non-fishing members or non-paying membership classes are not eligible.
  •  Only one refund per person per year.

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