Ferryhill And District Angling Club

FDAC 2022 Senior Match Dates

Before the 2014 AGM angling matches were only allowed to proceed when there were sufficient numbers to justify a match (minimum 6 anglers). It was felt that anglers who turned up for matches were often let down due to insufficient numbers. The Club felt that this was unfair and have now changed the ruling which will allow angling matches to take place with a minimum of 4 anglers. However only 1st & 2nd place positions/prizes will be allocated when only 4 or 5 anglers take part. There are no changes to positions/prizes when there are 6 anglers participating.

Ferryhill And District Angling Club

2022 Match List

Sunday matches 

April 10th.      Eden Grange Hackworth  July 31st  Redwood Lagoon   

April 24th.      Forest Lane Vale                  Aug 14th  Oaks Alders (1-20)

May 8th.         Angel of North Lookout.       Aug 28th  Tilery Draw 9am                       

May 22nd.       Oaks Maple (48-68)              Sept 11th  Cedar ( 1-20)

June 5th.        Tilery Draw 9am                     Sept 25th  Angel of North Bowes

June 19th.      Oaks Cedar (1-20)                 Oct 9th    Oaks Maple (48-68)

July 3rd.         Eden grange Hackworth        Oct 23rd  Eden Grange Hackworth

July 17th.       Forest Lane Don                          


Draw times are 9am unless stated otherwise

Anyone wanting to fish away days must book on with match secretary the Friday before the match as there is limited pegs. 

(pegging fee applies).  please note if you book a peg and don’t turn up you will have will to pay for your peg fee before you can book in future.

These above matches will be run by a points series, First and Second who wins a cash prize there is £100 to split.

Ponds will be closed on day of home matches

May 4th       Tilery                         June 15th Tilery

 May 11th    Tilery .                        June 22nd Tilery

May  18th   Tilery                           June 29th Tilery

May 25th.     Tilery .                      July 6th   Tilery

June 1st        Tilery                         July 13th  Tilery

                             June 8th         Tilery


£10 (optional) fee for points series to be payed out to the winner of the series

£1.00 golden peg (optional). The series will be run over 10 matches, the 11th match is a prize match for any golden peg money left over.

Ponds will closed from 12pm on above dates 


                To book pegs or any questions please contact match secretary

       Neil Marsden on 07749191194


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