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Bi-Monthly Club Meetings - Location & Time


Bi-Monthly club meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at the Ferryhill Sport & Education Centre (also known as The Leisure Centre) situated on Lambton Road Ferryhill DL17 8TB. Starting at 8pm Prompt.

Bi-Monthly Club Meetings Ferryhill And District Angling Club Behaviour & Conduct.

To Be Adopted At All F.D.A.C Meetings.


All members must produce their membership ID card on arrival when requested.

The following guide shall allow all members and committee alike, to conduct themselves appropriately and allow the committee to conduct the clubs affairs in a business-like manner.

The guide was proposed and adopted by a unanimous decision of the all the committee and ratified at the 2009 A.G.M by the membership.

1.       The monthly members meeting will be held first followed by the monthly committee meeting, but at the discretion of the chairman.

2.       The seating arrangement will be that of the committee sitting together and facing the membership. By adopting this arrangement everyone on the committee can be seen and speak through the Chairman when discussion is necessary. The members will be able to identify the committee and clearly see the committee in operation.

3.       At the members meeting, all members must sit in front of the committee in the designated area. Failure to do so shall result in being refused permission to speak, or take part in the meeting. The Chairman shall identify anyone who tries to disrupt proceedings and ask for them to refrain from such behaviour.

4.       Any members interrupting or interfering in a meeting, will after being told to refrain from doing so shall have their name entered in the minutes. If the member interrupts proceedings again then the member will be asked to leave the meeting ASAP. The Chairman shall adjourn the meeting until the member has left the room.

5.       If the said member interrupts or interferes at another meeting again, then that member will be barred from all meetings. They only being allowed to attend when apologising to the committee and assuring the Chairman that no further interference or disruption will happen.

6.       The Chairman will enforce the rule that only committee can take part in the committee meetings (discussions, voting etc.). On matters pertaining when the Chairman invites a member to give evidence to speak, the member must understand that they cannot interfere in any debate, discussion or decisions at a committee meeting.

7.       Should any member wish to raise an issue/matter which they think should be dealt with by the committee, then they must send a letter addressed to the Secretary, who will inform the Chairman. This will then be dealt with under Correspondence or Any Other Business. A decision and reply to the correspondence will be given within one month of the correspondence being read.

8.       No member is allowed to take notes of what is debated or discussed at a members meeting or committee meeting and subsequently prohibited to publish matters pertaining on the internet.

9.       Any member who makes an accusation or makes a statement either true/false against the committee or member at a meeting will have their names and the accusation/statement entered into the minutes. After investigation, the said person will be invited to attend a committee meeting/hearing and explain their case.


On behalf of F.D.A.C.  Committee and Members 2013.

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