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Water Watchers - Ferryhill And District Angling Club

Water Watchers (Club Bailiff) Guidance.


1.      Water watchers must have full knowledge of club rules, a current club licence and an E.A. Licence.

2.      Water watchers are responsible for all club waters.

3.      Water watchers are responsible for the wellbeing and upkeep of the water for which they have been named.

4.      Water watchers must always approach club members and the public in a polite and courteous manner.

5.      Water watchers to ensure that all fishing stations are kept clear of litter and to remind members about litter.

6.      Water watchers to show their club I.D. when asking members for cards. Please check and make a note, ask member to sign

7.      Any member who breaks any club rules or acts in an anti-social manner should be reported to the Chairman, Secretary or Head water watcher as soon as possible.

8.      If any person will not show their card and becomes aggressive, the water watcher will leave the water and contact the above for advice.

9.      Any work needed which requires a work party should be reported to the Head water watcher/Committee as soon as possible.

10.  Water watchers will be expected to join a work party on their own sections of water.

11.  Any pollution or poaching to be reported directly to the Environmental Agency Tel No. 0800 807060

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